Reading: The Usage of Social Media during COVID- 19 Lockdown Period of 2020 in Sri Lanka


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The Usage of Social Media during COVID- 19 Lockdown Period of 2020 in Sri Lanka


S. J. Jinasena ,

University of Colombo, LK
About S. J.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
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P. N. Weerasinghe

University of Colombo, LK
About P. N.
Department of Mass Media, Sri Palee Campus
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The evolution of media in recent years has changed the audience behavior around the world. After the arrival of digital media, the audience is changing their media habits with convergent media. Social media is the leading medium and specific tool which is used to communicate in the convergent media context. Social media is commonly referred to Web 2.0 internet-based applications that facilitate sharing different information and building relationships with each other in a virtual community. It also plays a dynamic role in transforming people’s lifestyles in modern society. After the World Health Organization (WHO) defined the COVID- 19 outbreak as a global pandemic and announced that it will affect every aspect of human life around the globe, many countries around the world took decisions such as imposing curfew, quarantines and closing non-essential stores, schools, universities and factories to control the health pandemic in their countries. As a result of the isolations, individuals are spending more time with social media on their devices to get information and entertain themselves. The people of Sri Lanka also use social media to get updates about the current scenario and control their stress during the lockdown period. This study aimed to determine the usage of social media during the COVID- 19 lockdown period OF 2020 in Sri Lanka. To determine this study Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Viber were selected as the most popular social media platforms in Sri Lanka. The study was conducted as a quantitative research approach by using online survey data collection method. Questionnaire tool is used as the quantitative data collection method and data was collected through the online survey of the non-probability convenience sample method. Statistical analytical method is used to analyze the data to determine the usage of social media context in Sri Lankan ociety. The research techniques are used to define the research question of “How social media was used in Sri Lanka during the 2020 COVID- 19 lockdown?” Furthermore, findings reflected the characteristic usage of social media in Sri Lankan society during the lockdown period of 2020.
How to Cite: Jinasena, S. J., & Weerasinghe, P. N. (2022). The Usage of Social Media during COVID- 19 Lockdown Period of 2020 in Sri Lanka. Colombo Journal of Multi-disciplinary Research, 6(2), 33–46. DOI:
Published on 28 Mar 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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